Healthy mind = head stuck in a book

Just got back from a book club meeting (yes I am a nerd, I know). I love to read, what can I say? Plus, it is VERY healthy for your mind and body to relax and take in a great book that makes you stretch your mind and imagination. I also like the fact that I can curl up anywhere and read :) I have been known to carry books in my purses so as to keep boredom at bay in offices and car places! My favorite books include:

The Count of Monte Cristo


Harry Potter series (My favs are the 4th and 7th)


The Help

the help.jpg

The Other Boleyn Girl (I am fascinated by Tudor history)


The Hunger Games series (because they make you examine the world and relationships)


Les Miserables -unabridged version! (it is freakishly long)


Infinite Atonement


my Anatomy, Physiology, and Nutritional Biochemistry textbooks from college = MAJOR nerd alert


The Screwtape Letters – My current fav/read!


We discussed The Screwtape Letters by C.S. Lewis tonight, and it was fabulous to hear what the other women had to say about their impressions and thoughts.  The discussion was riveting, most likely because the book is written from the perspective of two devils (one an uncle the other his nephew) in their letters back and forth, in their quest to capture and lure us humans into Hell, getting us to come away from God. It definitely got me thinking, questioning, and contemplating my existence and why I often trip up….

Here is my favorite quote from the book, in speaking about The Enemy (God) the Devil uncle says, ” He really does want to fill the universe with a lot of loathsome little replicas of Himself….We want cattle who can finally become food; He wants servants who can finally become sons.” (Letter 8, p. 41)

Never underestimate who YOU are and what YOU can become. Live every day. Laugh a lot. And do NOT let discouragement or despair get the best of you. It is unhealthy to live in fear. Live healthy by living with an abundant and grateful heart. <3, Annette

What is YOUR favorite book right now? I always love a new read….

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