Down Under

My mother and father are the kindest parents on the planet. Seriously. So. Generous.

They treated me, my husband, and my brother (AND his two friends) to dinner tonight at Outback Steakhouse. It was amazingly yummy.

The men/boys all got steaks. Garlic mashed potatoes. Bloomin Onion. Sweet potatoes. Fries.

some of the delicious meal

Me? I got the grilled chicken, shrimp, fresh veggies, and a sweet potato. I ate like 1/3 of my dinner….

my meal...YUMM-E

We all enjoyed/split some delicious lemonade, tons of yummy bread,

and of course : dessert.

apple crunch and a platter of sampler desserts : cheesecake, carrotcake, brownie

Thanks again to great parents for taking us out (some what virtually) and paying for a great meal. I am SO excited for leftovers! I had SO much food. Isn’t that the best part of any restaurant meal? Seriously, isn’t that the best part of going out?? ALL the leftovers? Who is with me on this… you go out and always get leftovers to take home?

see the resemblance? Me and my little bro

I am going to go be in a sugar/food coma as I fall asleep now…..

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