Beans, Beans….

….they’re good for your heart. The more you eat them the more you….

***finish it YOUR way πŸ˜‰

(and yes, I am a 2 year old at heart in case you were wondering!)

I adore beans. I love garbanzo, black, pinto, great northern white, and kidney. My all-time favorite, though? Black beans by far. Garbanzo beans takes second place in my heart and GI tract. How about you? What is your favorite kind of bean?

mmmm bean and chicken salad

My lunch today consisted of leftover chicken and beans from a wedding party we went to yesterday and it was delicious topped off with some mixed salad greens.

Beans are not only tasty, they are super good for you as well. Beans boast a number of different benefits, including:

1. Soluble and Insoluble fiber: These fibers are what helps to keep you regular (if you know what I mean), lower cholesterol levels, maintain/lose weight, and fill you up without filling you out.

2. Protein: Most beans have all of the essential amino acids (minus one) so beans are great way to get some healthy protein in your body. Eat beans with some whole grains and you’ve got yourself a complete protein meal!

3. Nutrient rich : Beans are rich in B vitamins and Iron-both nutrients are vital to healthy, functioning bodies and are usually found in animal products. For vegetarians and vegans and those eating reduced amounts of animal products, this is a fantastic way to get those essential nutrients.

4. Aid in weight loss/maintenance: Beans are a high water, high fiber, bulky food that fill you up on low calories, lots of nutrients, and boast a high water content. Because of the low-energy density found in beans, beans can aid in weight loss and/or dieting because of the fiber and water that fills up the stomach and cleans the GI tract. Some research has shown that those persons eating a high-fiber diet consisting of beans lost more weight than their counterparts who consumed a diet low in high-fiber (bean) foods.

Just be wary of some canned beans as they may be high in sodium. Buy beans in bulk and prepare them yourself-it’ll save you on ‘gas’ (2 year old me….), money, and last-minute grocery shopping.

After eating that lunch I am off to use the restroom…. πŸ˜‰

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  1. I LOVE beans and eat them every day (plus hummus by the gobs). I tried Bush’s Best: Canary Mayocoba Beans as a new variety! check them out! they were great

  2. My fave is garbanzo’s but I’ve developed a craving for black beans lately. I’m from New Orleans so I grew up on Red Beans and Rice. In other words, I eat a lot of beans.

  3. As a 20 plus year vegetarian I live for beans! My favorite at the moment?…Black. Esp in a spicy soup! Aloha :)



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