Happy Friday! Any fun plans for you all? We’re headed out of town for the weekend-so excited! As are some other friends out there!

I kicked off my Friday morning by teaching a Core Cross Training class and took a fabulous Zumba class. I came home beat, sweaty, happy, and hungggary!!

Enter in a fabulous food known as the egg.

Why eggs, you ask?

Well, 1 egg has only 70 calories for a ton of nutrients. high quality protein, and is quite economical. Eggs can aid in waist management, weight loss, and in re-building muscle fibers (explanation : muscle cells get broken down during a workout….and are built up stronger when fed good nutrients!)

I ate 1 egg white + 1 egg with wilted spinach and seasonings.All inside a whole wheat pita with some Muenster cheese.

Let me hear you say mmmmmmm :)

That’s right, feed your muscles after you work them out. Good sources include foods that have high protein and good complex carbs: eggs or egg whites w/whole wheat bread, beans and rice, lean turkey or chicken sandwich, whey protein isolate (found in protein powders/bars) with toast, quinoa, or tuna fish sandwiches.

What is your favorite post-workout meal/food?

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  1. Mmmmmmm. That looks SO good! I had a fabulous omelette yesterday for lunch myself, I LOVE eggs!

    My favorite post workout snack is usually some kind of protein smoothie/shake.


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