Friday Favorites {+ ProYo Giveaway!}

Hiiii happy Friday!

It’s time to share a few Friday Favorites with you and there is a giveaway at the end today too, wahoo!

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Friday Favorites {+ ProYo Giveaway}

Coaching a GRIT Strength class that was off the hook.

As a fitness instructor & a¬†group training coach I recognize that there will be some really good classes & good days where it all clicks and there will be some classes and some days where you feel off or the energy just isn’t there.

Well yesterday all the stars seemed to align and GRIT-Strength was off the chain amazing! My participants showed up for that workout like whoah! They worked so hard, they sweat buckets, and they challenged themselves. It was an honor to work out with them, coach them, and be inspired by them.

Les Mills' GRIT Strength

{p.s. to say I’m excited to coach that class and work even harder with them when I’m not pregnant would be an understatement!}

My glucose test results came back….

And I passed! Wahoo! No gestational diabetes for me.

On the voicemail she even mentioned that my blood work looked “marvelous.”

Must be all that nutella I eat on a daily basis. ūüėČ

This lunch.

Speaking of food, yesterday I had a strong craving for, wait for it…..

Sweet potatoes topped with cottage cheese, drizzled with honey, and sprinkled with sunflower seeds

friday favorites

How is that for a craving?! haha.

Attending a party for a friend in a really sweet barn!

The other evening we attended a surprise party for a friend in a barn that was so so cool! It is large and perfect for hosting parties, and is situated right above their horses and stalls. Lily liked the horses, but when they came up too close she shied away reallll quick, haha.

IMG_2726 friday favorites

Lily also went¬†a little cray cray by the end of the evening since it was near her bedtime, so we didn’t stay long, but it was fun (& yummy) while it lasted.

Trying out ProYo!

Have you heard about the new healthy frozen treat, ProYo? I hadn’t either until Ashley mentioned about it on her blog, and I was totally intrigued. I like¬†protein powders in foods & drinks (if the powder is good) and I loooove fro yo, so it sounded like a dream to me!

ProYo // ProYo review

Even dreamier was the fact that the kind folks contacted me to see if I’d like to try it. Ummmm yes please!

A bit of info on ProYo frozen yogurt:

ProYo‚Äôs high-protein frozen yogurt delivers real nutritional benefits,¬†convenience, and above all, great taste. ProYo is crafted from creamy probiotic yogurt¬†and natural fruit to create a delicious and nutritious ‚Äúanytime frozen treat‚ÄĚ loaded with 20¬†grams of protein, and 20% of an adult‚Äôs daily calcium requirement. ProYo contains no¬†artificial preservatives, colors or flavors and is ideal for people of all ages. Key benefits¬†include high protein, healthy probiotics, low fat, good source of fiber, GMO-free, gluten-and soy-free, rBST- and rBGH-free, and no artificial flavoring.

I’ve tried 3 flavors (I don’t like banana, so no Banana Vanilla for me!) and I liked them all, but I loved the Dutch Chocolate the best. It was so perfectly chocolatey and melted in my mouth. Having a frozen treat on hand after a tough sweat session has got to be a match made in heaven, I’ve decided!

proyo // proyo review

ProYo is best when you let it sit out for a few minutes before digging in, and then it’s a soft, creamy concoction that goes down so smooth. I’m a fan!

I would say that it doesn’t taste like ice cream and it’s not as perfectly sweet as real fro yo, but they’ve done a really good job of making a healthy treat that delivers a good taste and is functional as¬†fuel. :)


One reader will win boxes of each of¬†ProYo’s¬†4 flavors!

To enter (mandatory):

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{USA readers only; giveaway ends Tuesday evening & a winner will be announced on Wednesday // products sent to me for review; all opinions are my own}

Good luck!


Have a great weekend!

What is something YOU’ve been loving this week? What flavor of ProYo would YOU want to try?!

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