‘Diet Rules’ I Break on the Daily

Heyyyy everyone!

Can we just talk for a minute about how Lily slept amazing on Monday night and I did not. How is THAT FAIR?!


I know, I know. #firstworldproblems

I never have issues sleeping, but lately it’s been frequent for some reason. I don’t feel stressed, I am not pregnant, and I do not look at my phone before bed, nor do I read scary books right before hitting the hay. I attribute last weekend’s issues to my hormones during the time of the month, but what gives this time??!

Actually, I do know. I have the smallest bladder in the world. I got up 8 times (8!!) to pee, and thus, it broke up my sleep, making me feel like I didn’t sleep at all. Meanwhile, baby Lily snoozed away happily.  If she sleeps well though, I’ll take it. A well-rested baby = happy mama!

As for the bladder thing, it’s a toss up. I have to stay hydrated because nursing mom/fitness instructor/water makes me happy but on the other hand, I will die a painful death if I don’t get my 8 hours of sleep every night.

So, I’m taking matters into my own hands. NO more full glasses of water after 6 p.m.–small sips only! (It used to be 7 p.m., but I’m moving it up). I’ll keep you posted because I know you’re thirsting for more info on all that. (see what I did there?! hah)


Moving on from drink to food!

‘Diet Rules’ I Break on the Daily

I thought it’d be fun to share a glimpse of my eating habits as of late and why I’m so stinkin’ happy with where I am nutrition-wise and sanity-wise.



{Note: This is NOT a weight loss blog, never has been. I had an ED and disordered eating issues in the past, so for me, it’s key to never be on a diet nor think too much about food rules & such. If you are working to lose weight by counting calories, etc., please understand that might work for some but it doesn’t for me–don’t take offense with my light-hearted post. Thanks!}

Rule: Plate all your food.

Ummmmm. No comment?


I used to think this was important to staying lean (I’m pretty sure I wrote a post about it back in the day), but yah. In real life for me? Not happening. I eat at least 1/5th of my food out of a bag, box, or from my hand. #momlife

Rule: Don’t eat carbs after 8 p.m.

If ice cream or cookies don’t count then we’re good.




But for reals, nobody’s got time to eat ice cream before 8 p.m.! Am I right?

Rule: Only post super healthy food on Insta.

I think I’m the exact opposite to this one, actually. {So if you’re trying to lose weight, maybe don’t follow me?}

A salad can be really pretty (and very tasty!), but posting a variety of the same salad or eggs every day? No thanks.

Besides, I’d rather drool over someone’s cookie picture than salad picture. #truth

Rule: Bring all your ‘special’ foods with you on vacation.

Don’t get me wrong, I often do bring my own bars, nut butters, protein powders, etc. when on trips (hello $$$ savings), but I happily also eat whatever is there if I want to.

I think it’s sad that I used to miss out on so much delicious food because it wasn’t okay to eat in my ‘food rules.’



Rule: Weigh yourself weekly, and if it goes up, cut back somewhere.

This is an okay way to know if you’re gaining weight when you want to be losing it, but I sure know when I’m getting a little pudgy….I can feel it! I don’t need some number to tell me to back off the cookies–I use my internal measures instead: feeling ‘done’ after too many desserts. Pants are bit tighter. Feeling sluggish at the gym instead of energized. etc.

I honestly don’t think about how much I weigh anyways (I don’t even know!), so this rule is absolutely stupid to me. And because I know way too much about fitness levels, muscle mass, bone density, body composition, and the like, the number on the scale wouldn’t even be accurate about what is going on inside my body, so why waste time on it?



And lastly on this point, why would I ever let a number dictate whether I want a cookie or not? Never again for this girl! #nuffsaid

Rule: Eat a balanced diet every day.

In a perfect world, maybe!

Most days I’ll eat a green smoothie, a salad, & have a huge plateful of homemade sweet potato fries (or other veggie) at dinner, but there are plenty of days where I ate chips, cookies, a bunch of protein powder, and a few bars with hardly a veggie in sight. So sue me!

Anyone remember my pregnancy days of eating sour patch kids, lemonade, and bagels/cream cheese?! Haha. Those days were awesome. Or not. #beingnauseatedsucked

Let’s just be real here: I love wholesome food as much as the next person, but I also know I am far from perfect and know that not every day is going to look perfect (in terms of ‘healthy’ food) either. I try my best & that’s all I can do!



And then sometimes I don’t try hard at all….sorry, Jared, we’re having tacos for dinner again. :/

Rule: Allow yourself only one treat per day.

Similar to above, somedays yah, one treat is how a day ends up with.

diet rules i break on the daily

But other days? I want chocolate, cookies, and ice cream! So I have a little bit of it all, am satisfied, and move on.

Rule: When out to eat, avoid the bread basket. (Or along the same lines: choose bread OR dessert not both).

When I was a binge eater I’d avoid the bread basket if I was on a date, but if I was with a good friend, I’d go caaarraazzzy on the bread basket. Nowadays I eat a piece or two (depending on how hungry I am & how delicious the bread is), and then move on. Sometimes I don’t though, sometimes I like to eat more bread than dinner.

Once again, that’s just how I roll! I don’t put labels or rules in place for my eating, so I could never sum it all up and say “this is what I do during this situation & this is what I do in another situation.”

But life without bread?! For me that would be a crime.  

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Alright, I am off to spend some quality time with my workout–haven’t decided yet what it will be–and then it’s a day with my little one!

Have a GREAT day! <3

What are some ‘diet rules’ that YOU break often??! What diet did YOU find successful, if any??! What kinds of eating habits do YOU tend to lean toward??! Anything delicious YOU’ve eaten lately YOU want to tell me about?!

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