Friday Confessions {28}

Hiii everyone!

Happy FRIDAY! :)

Friday Confessions {28}

1. My baby is a tiny dancer….already!

IMG_4045.JPG IMG_4043.JPG IMG_4040.JPG   IMG_4565.JPG


It is too cute how she raises up onto her tip toes & turns her little feet out!

I promise I will try to never push her to do anything, but she might just already be a natural at this. ;)

2. Can we talk about how it’s 90+ degrees and my complex still decided to close the pool?!


I am done fighting them, but come on! My baby’s got to have her swim lessons! ;) We instead play in the hot tub (I know!), and then crawl around on the grass. Apartment living for the win!

p.s. We’re going to my sister’s this weekend, so we’ll just go swim there. #takethatapartmentcomplex

p.p.s as of yesterday, we have less than 6 months until Jared is doneeeee with school. Yipppeeee!

3. We had friends over for dinner the other night, and we had a blast!

We invited my friend, Rachelle & her husband and baby (the one I babysit every week) over for dinner so she wouldn’t have to cook after a full day of work.


We of course served Mexican.

IMG_4522.JPG IMG_4521.JPG

 (if you ever come over for dinner, it’ll most likely be a version of this. I warned ya!)

And dangggg it was good, if I do say so myself! The company was even better though! I love having like-minded friends who are in a similar stage of life, and who just ‘get’ us. It’s a blast!


{typical Lily, stealing her friend’s binkie}

4. I got back from our camping trip, and ripped open my package from Fabletics!

Inside were some of the most gorgeous pieces yet!


I love how the Davis jacket’s zipper is cut on an angle! And the Luena legging in Fuchsia is sooo bright (love), and the leggings are really stretchy & long. I couldn’t find anything I didn’t like about those two items!

When choosing three items, I had such a hard time because their September line, Next to Nature, is rockin’. Seriously, go check ‘em out. Your first outfit is only $25!

Of course I chose the brightest pink possible. ;)


{un-pictured: For the third item, I chose the Salar legging in the Mulberry Taos print. I really like the print & have already liked the Salar, so this was another win!}

5. For doing so much summer reading, we got free tickets to the local museum.

We three went to the Utah History Museum (Jared has a few more days off of school before the next quarter starts, it’s been SO nice having him around!), and had a blast among all the dinosaur bones, bugs, and the cool horse exhibit.

IMG_4559.JPG IMG_4540.JPG IMG_4531.JPG

IMG_4563.JPG IMG_4545.JPG

6. Jared and I have been watching episodes of the British Sherlock Holmes TV series.

Have any of you seen it?

It is very entertaining, and sucks you in real nicely. The episodes are 90 minutes, but each season is like 4 episodes long! Funny, huh?

7. Speaking of TV…Once Upon a Time starts again soon!!!

Gahhhhh. I can NOT wait. This season seems like it’s going to be super awesome, and I’ll hopefully be watching it every Monday with Rachelle.

Anyone else jumping on the OUAT bandwagon? It’s such a fun show, promise.

8. Lastly, I am once again at the end of the time allotted to me to learn my Les Mills’ choreography!

The launch at a few of the gyms I teach it is this week, so I have 5 days until I’ve got to know it all.

Luckily, this time around, I’m way further into memorizing it than I’ve been in awhile. I already loooovveee CX 16!




The Winner of the Balance Bar giveaway in honor of National Chocolate Day (I totally celebrated, did you?), is:

Amy Lauren

Congrats! (Winner will be emailed today)


I am off to teach some ZUMBA®, and then it’s time to head to my sister’s!

Have a GREAT weekend! <3

What is a TV show that YOU watch that YOU recommend?? What item from Fabletics are YOU eyeing lately?? What are some of YOUR weekend plans??

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