Friday Favorites {7/3/15}

Oh heyyyy Friday of a holiday weekend, good to see you!

I’m keeping things short & fun today to kick off the holiday weekend. Jared has today off, so we’re totally stoked about that. :)

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Friday Favorites {7/3/15}

I got a haircut!

My little bro watched Lily (actually, he is a stud and took her swimming for 2 hours!!) while I got my haircut. It was so wonderful to have a little time to just be pampered and get a new ‘do.

friday favorites

I haven’t taken a ton of time to style it just yet (because I’m lazy), but I already love the framing layers and the lighter feel since I got a few inches cut off. My stylist is the bomb, and my bro is legit for swimming with his niece. She was so tired afterwards and seemed really happy. Winning!

Eating fast food for dinner.

I have been loving Wendy’s fries lately, so the other night when I just didn’t have a chance to make anything for dinner I swung by and got us a couple of orders of fries & chicken sandwiches.

Now I understand why people eat fast food so often! It really is fast. LOL!

Obviously many of the menu’s items are not the best choices for your insides, but eating it once in awhile is not going to kill ya IMO. Besides, friessssssss.

Running errands/checking things off my to-do list.

The other night as I frantically told Jared all the things that I wanted to do/needed to happen before baby arrives, I decided to grab a pen and paper & make a bunch of lists.

He asked me as I was furiously scribbling “wow, you really are nesting, aren’t you?” Yes, babe, yes I am.

One morning this week after my doctor’s appointment (baby’s HR is 138 & I’m measuring slightly behind), my Lily bug and I decided to tackle a few of the to-do’s.

Ahhhhh feels so good to check things off that master list! Lily agrees. :)

friday favorites

Lily napping in the car.

So this one is a happy thing & a kind of frustrating thing…. Lately she’s been babbling in her crib each evening before falling asleep. She dances around, she kicks the crib, she babbles, and all that jazz on and on for at least an hour. We’ve tried moving her bedtime up and moving it later, but nothing has worked. It’s frustrating because I don’t know how to help her fall asleep better (we haven’t changed our bedtime routine at all so that wouldn’t be the reason), but I’m also kind of like, well, she’s just winding down in her own way, so what’s the big deal, right?

It also means she is obviously extra tired lately, and thus, sleeps in the car! It’s crazy, because she used to never sleep in the car. So I guess it’s happy she’s napping extra, but I want to help her be able to fall asleep quicker at night–poor thing!

friday favorites

We have 6 weeks to go!

According to my official due date we have 6 weeks to go!

friday favorites

I’m both excited and totally nonchalant about that because in looking back at my experience with Lily when I was at this point thinking I only had 6 left to go, I actually had over 8 left to go….

So, like I said, I’m excited and all, but I really don’t think we have just 6 weeks left. hah.

More time to get things done & party hard during summer, right?! 😉


Have a GREAT weekend!

Happy Fourth of July this weekend to all my USA friends!

What are some of your favorites from the week??! Favorite fast food menu item??

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