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Hey everyone, happy FRIDAY!

It’s time for some Friday Favorites–a place where I share a whole bunch o’ random goodness. thanks for the link-up party, Heather!


Friday Favorites (10/24/14)

I am officially a published author!


See my name second on the author list?! Wahoooooooo!

{full link to the published research article here. Watch out though, it might be kinda boring to you if you’re not into that stuff. hehe}

My graduate school thesis work at BYU was so successful (or so I like to tell myself, hah) that it turned into a much bigger project and they continued the work after I graduated (in 2011). The data collection finished in 2012, and the research work was accepted in 2014 to be published in the Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior.

What’s up!! BOOM baby.

Sorry, I’m just sort of stoked that my lil’ ole’ idea back in 2008 when I began grad school, became something much bigger and cooler than I ever thought. And now I’m second author in a legit journal! I did so much work on that thesis (research, recruiting women to be in the study, actual data collection–so many Bod Pods!! so many max HR tests!!, and so much writing & revising), so I’m just a bit excited it all came full circle. :)

Let’s be honest though, this was all possible thanks to an amazing professor (the first author, Dr. Bailey), my husband for his support, and my parents for always encouraging me to get as much education as I can.


My husband got a part-time job!

I’m so proud of him. :) He’s still in school & working at his (unpaid internship), but this is super fun news because the job came out of nowhere and it’s a sweeeeeet gig. It’s work-from-home (or anywhere with Internet), it’s part-time (10-20 hours/week), it pays really well, and it’s in an area he’s interested in (he’s a web developer working in Java Script). Congrats, babe!

This also meant I got to buy a few things for Lily’s birthday celebration this weekend. hehe

Speaking of, this is the last weekend my baby Lily is a “baby,” technically.

It’s oh so cliche, but this is so bittersweet! She will always be my baby, but dang, she is growing up!

She is now free-standing (yikes), and says words! “mama” “baby” “daddy” as well as her “hi” that’s she’s been saying.


My sister’s baby!

She had her baby on Monday, her own birthday (10/20). Isn’t she the sweetest?!

IMG_5639.JPG IMG_5638.JPG

Emma Catherine is her name <3 She was born Oct 20 and weighed 9 lbs 6 oz & was 22.5 inches long!

My brother’s baby who was born last week is Eliza Annagreth. <3

friday favorites

awwww! Such cute baby girls!

And because Eliza was born on Oct 13, Emma was born on Oct 20, and Lily’s birthday is Oct 27, every year there will be a cousin’s birthday every week! (And that doesn’t include a nephew’s birthday on the 2nd, another nephew’s birthday on the 28th, my brother-in-law’s birthday on the 26th, and my sister’s birthday on the 20th. Whew. October birthdays are popular!)

We got our carpets professionally cleaned yesterday!

Wahoo. It felt good to have clean carpets again. They were looking shabbbbbbby.


I took Lily and the baby I babysit to a playdate with college roomies.

It was super fun but super crazy!

Lily and Elina (the baby I babysit on Tuesdays) had a blast with all the other kiddos & all the toys. It was hilarious to watch! Lily is a social thing but also loves to be on the move, so she seems kinda spastic going from one thing to the next. Meanwhile, Elina just sits & coos & plays with whatever is around her.

IMG_5568.JPG IMG_5564.JPG IMG_5561.JPG

{Elina was already in the stroller during some of these pics}


{sticker time back at home!}

Both babies got a bit tired near the end of the playdate, so there were some stressful moments, but I’m so glad I ventured out with them. (p.s. moms of more than one kid, I applaud you!!)


College roomies! Love these girls.

I love when Lily and I match!


gym time = matching time.

Speaking of the gym, last night to teach I wore this…. 


super cute right?

…..and then realized I had worn my capris inside OUT the whole evening!!!!


This made me LOL because it’s so dang true….




And on that note, I’m off to teach Zumba and then bake some cake! ;)

Have a GREAT weekend <3

What is something YOU’re proud of as of late??! What month does YOUR family have a lot of birthdays in??! What are YOUR weekend plans??!

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