A Check-in and a Good-bye


Wow. It’s been a long, long time since I’ve written on here. I almost forgot how to start a new post draft when I opened my blog up. hah!

Life with two little kids is absolutely AWESOME, but leaves little time for extra things, like this blog.

When I think back to what we’ve had going on in the past few months, as if to answer in list form what we’ve ‘done,’ it doesn’t really amount to anything “measurable” per say. Like you know how sometimes we can list off the trips, accolades, and measurable ‘things’ we’ve done to answer people’s questions to show how busy we’ve been? Well, there hasn’t been much of those type of things in my life at all.

But when adding up all the precious moments & memorable days, time has seriously flown by and I’ve felt like we’ve had a very busy, full, abundant several months!

I guess that sums up life with kids. 😉

Social Media accounts

I separated my personal family account from my fitness/food account last year and I’ve continued to love that decision. My fitness/food account has evolved into almost a blog type thing where I share a workout/recipe/tip/quote once or twice a day in hopes of motivating or inspiring someone to improve their lifestyle & enhance their quality of life.

My personal account allows me to post whatever I want about my kids without any type of backlash or judgement. It’s been rad!


I’ve continued to use my doTERRA oils & products daily, and swear by the benefits. My kids love the oils too, and now that I have some awesome jars & bottles from Infinity Jars (thanks for the bottles!), it’s been easy to create my own blends & sprays & roll-on’s for my kids & my use.

I made a blend to promote good sleep, an invigorating blend, and a wellness blend. We are all loving them!

I also used one of the bottles to pour my olive oil into. I’ve always wanted one of those fancy oil bottles with the cool spout. Lol!

These bottles have been great because they are made of a thick glass, and so none have broken when dropped. I know this because they’ve been dropped. Yikes.

I’ve also fallen in love with Lipsense, and love to wear fun lip colors. I’m a girly girl at heart, so makeup, sparkles, pink, heels, and clothes always have a place with me. 😉 If you’ve tried Lipsense, what is your favorite color? I like Praline Rose and Caramel Apple!

I’m an IdealFit Ambassador, and am loving some of the protein powders! Mint Chocolate and French Vanilla are both quite tasty. I don’t usually like Vanilla powders, but this one is way delish. You can also get 10% off at IdealFit.com by entering in the code APERKINS. Woot!

Meal Planning

If you’ve followed on Insta and watched any of my Insta stories, you’ve probably noticed that I have been more on top of the meal planning game. That I actually MAKE dinner. Hah! I actually plan meals, buy those ingredients, and MAKE that food now. Incredible right? 😉

Honestly, this was the best goal I could’ve set for myself in the wellness realm for the year. My meal planning sucked, so this was a huge turnaround for me and for our family. I feel like we eat way more balanced meals, I naturally buy more produce, we eat fresher, we eat out less, and we have more variety.

I plan meals around:

  • the protein (so I try to switch between plant/legume protein and animal protein)
  • the ingredients (I try to make two different meals in the same week with similar ingredients)
  • kid friendly & adult friendly (I usually switch off between a more kid-friendly meal and a more adult-friendly meal ….. so Baked Ziti one day, and then Caesar Chicken Salads the next)
  • how I am feeling (I am an intuitive eater, so I choose meals based on what I want to eat. This means I am more satisfied, don’t feel deprived at all, and am less likely to crave restaurant food, etc.)
  • the day of the week (I’m more likely to make a more ” time intensive” meal Mon-Thur than I am on any of the weekend evenings)
  • our lives (so if we’ll be out of town for the weekend, the meal on Thursday should not be a huge one with tons of leftovers)

That’s the gist of what I do, and it is really working!

I plan on Sundays, input all the ingredients into my shopping list, and pick it up on either Monday or Tuesday (depending on our schedule for the week). I save SO much time and money this way. I HIGHLY recommend it!!

Our groove

We love where we live; we have great neighbors and friends, the kids love our backyard and the parks nearby, we have family within driving distance, both the kids are playing so nicely with each other lately, and summer is around the corner! I love this time of year so much. <3

We feel incredibly blessed–even with ups and downs of life, we remain grateful. We feel we are living the abundant life because these moments are so fleeting, and I am holding on to each and every one.

Who cares if this sounds sappy. It really is the truth! I will never get these years back, and though there are hard moments as a mom to young kids, it really is totally awesome.


By the way, I will be closing this blog down soon; thank you for reading! It’s been a fun journey! My family is my top priority right now, so letting go of other things taking away from them and from time with them need to be let go.

I do have my social media accounts where I post semi-often (but less than before), if you want to stay in touch.

much love! thank you for reading! I love the relationships I’ve made with so many of you via this blog!



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