Friday Favorites (Halloween Edition)


It’s Friday, it’s Halloween, and it’s Friday Favorites time. Let’s get this party started :) Thanks, Heather, for hosting!


Friday Favorites (Halloween Edition)

A little ladybug, her leaf, and the bug catcher, had some Halloween fun this week already!


Holidays with a kid are SO much more fun & magical! I got way more into the party/celebration the other night at our church, simply because she was so festive and cute. I totally adore matching her (if you couldn’t tell from all my nerdy posts), so this was super fun! Jared agreed to join in the fun, but of course, the picture taking was less than fun for him. haha.

IMG_6031.JPG IMG_6025.JPG IMG_6012.JPG IMG_5993.JPG IMG_5981.JPG

Oh by the way, I found Lily’s costume at a local kid’s consignment store for 3.99$. SCORE! Holidays do not have to be expensive! (p.s. my friend has the cutest festive site, so check it out for great holiday ideas on a budget. I love following her on IG too because it gives me ideas & makes me think I can do it too. Think being the operative word. haha)

You all are way too much fun & sweet via all your comments/thoughts on Lily’s birthday & celebrations!

Thank you so much!!

p.s. I wish you all could have come to the parties & dressed in pink & orange too. That would’ve been a hoot!

I sense a party time in UT! ;)

Happy news: I am a blog ambassador for Kodiak Cakes!


IMG_6048.JPG IMG_6044.JPG

Lily thinks she is one too ;)

But for reals, I’m so excited about this opportunity because I’ve been loving on Kodiak Cakes for 3 years now. The company rocks (and it’s local to UT!), the products are mmmmm mmmm good, and the ingredients are clean/healthy.

Be on the lookout for some fun posts!

Can we just talk about the incredible fall/summery weather we’ve been having??!


We’ve been playing outside at the park, taking walks, playing on the balcony, driving with our windows down, wearing t-shirts, and simply soaking up it all!

The mornings and evenings are cool, but the daytime is warm, beautiful, and so so lovely.

And October in UT is really something magical. <3

{I can’t believe this summer-lovin’ gal is saying all of this!}

I saw a few quotes on Insta this past week, and just had to share. 


Sometimes I just need to tell myself this over & over. haha ;)


Ain’t that the truth??! I’ll take a lot of cheese toppings please!

I took Lily to a new kid’s curiosity museum, and she loooooooved it.

IMG_5970.JPG IMG_5968.JPG IMG_5966.JPG

We’ll definitely be back during those loooong winter days & months!


Happy HALLOWEEN everyone! I’m off to teach Zumba now (woot! we’re def doing “black widow” in class in honor of the holiday).

Have fun, stay safe, and definitely eat a bunch of candy. I know I will have several of my favorites (sour patch kids, almond snickers, laffy taffy, twizzlers, & blow pops)!

We’re headed to my sister’s house for Halloween, so the kids will have a blast together I’m sure. Plus, family time!

Have a GREAT day! <3

What are YOU and YOUR kids dressing up as for Halloween??! What are YOUR favorite candies?! How’s YOUR weather where you’re at??!

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