A Simple Change in my Evening Habits

Hiiii everyone!

I feel like I ‘talk’ at and with a lot of you on social media (I am liking the Insta stories feature!), but it’s fun to sit down and write a lil’ post once in awhile too.

So I’ve made a small change to my evening habits, and it’s made a huge difference in my health, fitness, and overall wellness.

Want to know what it is?! 😉

A Simply Change in my Evening Habits

Instead of eating a bunch of dessert before bed, I regularly make a casein protein concoction. 

{casein protein + milk + almond butter}

*I use Optimum Nutrition’s 100% Gold Standard Casein in Chocolate Supreme (def the best tasting flavor—it tastes like chocolate!). This isn’t an ad or sponsorship, I just really like this brand/flavor.

I love ice cream, I love chocolate, and I love eating dessert before bed (who doesn’t, right?!), but I’ve realized that my health is more important than eating something super sugary right before bed EVERY night. If I want something dessert-y, I’ll try & eat it earlier in the day OR I will add ice cream/cookies TO my casein protein concoction that evening.


This is of course on normal evenings. If I’m out with friends or with Jared, I eat whatever is there without blinking, but if I’m at home, I just whip up my cup of goodness & enjoy while watching shows with Jared. It’s a great habit that I am loving!

I’ve noticed that I feel more satisfied before bed (we eat dinner at 5:30 so I was hungry + wanting dessert before bed & would wind up eating more dessert than is necessary), I recover faster from my workouts, I’ve leaned out a bit more, and I am stronger in all my workouts.

Casein protein is absorbed slower than say, whey, so it’s actually quite ideal for eating right before bed. During sleep, the pool of amino acids (responsible for muscle protein synthesis-aka MPS) within casein is slowly released & absorbed, thus creating a low but prolonged rate of MPS.

This small habit change helps me be a stronger athlete and better mom (I’m not as starving in the morning & thus not as cranky with my kids), and I’m keeping at it.

I love hearing about others’ healthy habits and little tweaks they make to be happier & healthier, so please share yours in the comments!



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