Lexi’s Birth Story {Part 2}

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I’m back today to share the rest of Lexi’s birth story.

It’s epic, so enjoy the read! Be sure to read Lexi’s Birth Story Part 1 first if you missed it, though!

Lexi’s Birth Story {Part 2}

Saturday, August 22, 2015

{41 weeks 2 days}

I had just climbed into the tub around midnight. I soaked in the tub and just relaxed. I wasn’t timing the contractions (phones & water don’t mix), but I could tell that they weren’t very close nor very strong. I did note that I was still having contractions and that they didn’t go away, so this was about the time I thought it was possible I was in labor.

Around 1:30 a.m. I needed to use the bathroom and I was hungry so I toweled off & went and got a lime popsicle, a Key Lime greek yogurt, & a spoon. #sorandom

I hopped back into the tub to eat my popsicle and after a few licks is when the first contraction that actually took my breath away hit.

I licked my popsicle throughout the contractions for awhile. Once my popsicle was done I was kind of relieved because I was wanting to turn on my hands & knees for contractions.

The contractions had begun to wrap around my back (and weren’t just ‘menstrual like’) and that is when I really knew labor was in full force.

{note: ladies who aren’t sure if you’re in labor, this is definitely a key piece! contractions are different for everyone in terms of how long they are & how closely they’re spaced, but the actual feeling of wrapping around front and back are legit labor contractions}

I still didn’t want to go to the hospital just yet (I wanted to labor at home for as much as possible……), but I felt strongly that we should call Jared’s mom, even though I still didn’t think it was close to time.

I called out to Jared at this time (around 2 a.m.) to call his mom & have her grab her bags & come. I remember thinking that the contractions weren’t that bad, but that we should probably have her begin the 40 or so-minute drive to our home.

He had been asleep, but bless his heart, popped right up out of bed & grabbed the phone.

Here is where the story gets really exciting…..she didn’t answer!! 18 different phone calls on her cell & home phone and she didn’t pick up! {we found out later she had left her cell downstairs & had a cd on near her ear, so she didn’t hear the very loud home phone}

My contractions were stronger at this point (but still not spaced very close together) and so I started to panic a little. I basically told him he NEEDED to get a hold of her ASAP. He called his sister who THANKFULLY answered. She drove to their mom’s house (she lives 5 minutes from her) to wake her up.

This was around 2:40 a.m. –I felt like I had to throw up, and then I had a contraction where I had to have Jared do counter pressure on my back, and that’s when things became really real.

Jared called our neighbor to drop off the monitor because I began to think it wouldn’t be such a good idea to wait for his mom. This had been our back up plan, to bring our monitor, and I’m so glad we had had a 2nd plan! Our neighbor answered the phone (thankfully!) and Jared brought Lily’s monitor & our key to her. Basically she’d keep an eye on Lily until his mom could get to our house.

Jared was throwing stuff into his bag and would run over to give me counter pressure when I yelled for him. I was trying to grab final things for my bag (luckily I was basically packed!), put some clothes on, and then told him we HAVE TO LEAVE NOW. I think he was eating something while trying to pack the car? I don’t even know because all I knew was we HAD to leave.

It was totally crazy how quickly that changed! I was still baffled in my head though, because I had time between contractions to relax & breathe a little. The contractions weren’t on top of each other like I had remembered with Lily, so I was still kind of in denial. I was one confused, hormonal pregnant lady! I mean the contractions were legit painful & I needed the counter-pressure in a bad way, like I remember with Lily when things were progressing near the end, but because I had time in between to relax a bit, it felt so different.

We left the house around 3:15 a.m. and that was THE MOST PAINFUL car ride I’ve ever had. Ever ever.

I told Jared he had to drive fast & get us there NOW! He was a champ & drove way above the speed limit.

Every time a contraction hit I’d squeeze his arm & dig my nails in….he had red welts & marks all up and down his arm later. He never complained once, never said ouch, and kept telling me encouraging things. What a stud!

About halfway to the hospital I began to feel like I had to push……WHAT??!!! I knew right away that that was the baby coming! I FREAKED out in my head. Like FREAKED out. And didn’t say anything out loud. I just screamed, prayed SO hard that we wouldn’t have a baby in the car, & dug my nails in harder (sorry, babe).

The next contraction I yelled to Jared that we “have to get there RIGHT NOW” and to “HURRY!!”

I asked him later if he knew that the baby was coming soon, and he said he started to realize then that she was coming soon. I, for some odd reason, had been in such denial that I was in labor that I hadn’t really said anything. Oops!

About 5 minutes from the hospital I yelled “the baby is coming!!! HURRY!!!!” And he stepped on the gas even harder. I literally held my hand down there because that is how strong the urge was–she felt right there and about to come out.

I mentioned that we should call my doctor but I didn’t do it because I rationalized that he was already on call that weekend & was there, so he’d see us in just a few minutes. {this is important}

We parked, Jared grabbed a bag (but not everything) out of the car, and we waddled/hurried our way into the hospital. That was THE longest walk of my life!!!

Up the elevator we rode and as we half ran/waddled toward the doors to push the security button, another really intense contraction hit and I had to fight the urge to push the baby out!! I yelled so loud, and we basically made an epic entrance into the labor & delivery floor because I was yelling & freaking out & yelling for my doctor. {All the things you see on TV & movies about birth was us to a tee. We were quite the sight!}

Thankfully the nurses were quick & grabbed me a wheelchair right away, asked again who my doc was, and then whisked me away to a room. (One of the nurses saw my face when we entered and she said “now there is a woman who is ready to push a baby out!” how right she was……) We ‘checked’ in at 3:45 a.m.

We hurried into a room & the room exploded with activity. I bent over the bed yelling for Jared to do counter pressure. While contracting I was yelling about trying to keep the baby in. The nurses were trying to get my clothes off of me and get me into a gown, strapping the fetal monitor around me, and asking about a birth plan, meds/allergies/iv’s etc. We had forgotten the typed up birth plan in the other bag (that I couldn’t have Jared grab because I needed his arm!!), so Jared, being the amazing guy he is, told them everything from our birth plan. And they listened & delivered. I remember feeling so relieved & grateful!!

I hurried onto the bed & laid on my side with one arm wrapped around Jared’s neck. I had a contraction & once again was yelling about how I HAD TO PUSH!! The nurse asked if I could try and not push because my doctor wasn’t there yet (and I wanted him there!) and I promised I would try.

Maybe two minutes later another contraction came on so hard & I screamed & yelled and said “I am trying not to push!!” and then whoooooooosh. My water broke! That was a totally crazy feeling!

After that every contraction was so intense that I basically HAD to push the baby out. I asked the nurses what would happen if my doc didn’t make it and the nurse kindly & calmly said, “we will deliver her.”

I tried oh so hard not to push her out, but alas, she was ready & wanting to come! I flipped onto my back, pulled my legs up & after about 5 contractions with pushes (and OH MY GOSH it HURTS down there during that time!!!) out came our darling Lexi Joy! She had a full head of pretty dark hair, was totally crying, and my heart exploded with happiness!


She was born at 3:58 a.m…….13 minutes after we had arrived at the hospital.

Holy smokes!

My doctor did arrive…..about 5 minutes after her birth, while she was chillin’ on my chest. Apparently he was on call that weekend, but on call starts at 7 a.m. on Saturday…..not on Friday like I thought he meant when he said “weekend.” Oh well! The nurse did an amazing job and my doc delivered the placenta and did all the rest of the stuff down there, so I was glad he was there right away. I had 1 stitch.

We enjoyed plenty of skin-to-skin together, she nursed (it took her longer to latch because she was crying on and off) and then they did her measurements (7 lbs 14 oz; 21.5 inches). I was freezing & shaking so hard, and apparently I wasn’t bleeding the way they wanted when they pushed on my uterus (SO PAINFUL), so they gave me a shot of Pitocin in my leg.

IMG_5302.JPG IMG_5307.JPG

I showered off & then we headed to the nursery where she got all the testing(s) done, vit K & eye ointment, & her first bath.

IMG_5315.JPG IMG_5368.JPG

She did well on all her tests, she didn’t have jaundice (yay!), and we enjoyed a stay at the hospital that day and then came home early afternoon on Sunday.

IMG_5361.JPG IMG_5381.JPG IMG_5398.JPG   IMG_5437.JPG

We are so in love with our little Lexi Joy, and are so glad she’s here safe & sound! <3


What an amazing, amazing birth!! I never ever imagined I’d be that person racing to the hospital after the lengthy birthing experience I had with Lily, so it just floors me that this is our story the second time around.

A few thoughts on it all:

  • I’m not sure how long my labor technically was? I’m guessing right around 11 hours though, because dinner time on Friday was when things seemed to pick up a tiny bit, and she was born at just before 4 a.m. Saturday.
  • the craziest part of this all was how I was waiting for my contractions to get closer together because that is what I remembered with Lily…..well, I forgot a certain piece of info: I had Pitocin for the last part of my labor with Lily! Pitocin contractions are wayyyyyy different than regular ones because with Pitocin you don’t get a break, the contractions come right on top of one another. Whoopsies.
  • I was surprised how I did get a break between contractions, even the tough ones at the end. A completely unmedicated birth is amazing and proves to me that my body was definitely capable of birthing a baby without it. I loved my experience!
  • I didn’t want to believe people when they said the 2nd comes faster, but let me tell you, it’s true (at least in my sample size of 1, haha)!
  • baby Lexi was born with her hand right by her face, just like she had it during her last ultrasound. Awwwww!
  • the faster the birth the more it hurts down there after the birth #truth
  • going pee stings so bad after this birth….but going #2 isn’t bad at all this time around (file under things you probably didn’t want to know)
  • I definitely should’ve listened to my husband and called his mom on Friday evening to let her know I had had contractions that day. I was in seriously denial, apparently, so it’s kind of my fault she didn’t have a heads up. Whoops.
  • And going along with that vein, I wish I had texted or called our doctor on the way to the hospital so he could’ve been there for the birth. Oh well!
  • Jared is absolutely an amazing partner during birth and I’m so grateful for all he did. His red welts on his arm have healed nicely, thank goodness!
  • listening to my hypnobirthing meditation tracks was very helpful & I highly recommend for anyone wanting to have an unmedicated birth
  • our main nurse delivered Lexi and she was such a fabulous nurse! Jared and she realized that she had been our nurse for part of Lily’s birth too (and we remember really liking her). Cool, huh?!
  • I used to think it was crazy ladies would have babies in the car because I thought “it can’t be that hard to not push the baby out, right?” Ummmm WRONG. When your body is ready to have a baby, it’s ready to have a baby and not going to wait.
  • I cook babies longer than 40 weeks. I’ve come to terms with it, and it’s just a fact that I am going to have to live with!
  • I wanted to labor at home as much as possible & have a completely unmedicated birth (no Pitocin this time), barring any complications, and I got my wish! I cut it a liiiiiitle bit close, but I still got my wish. 😉

We are so so happy Lexi is here with us!!

We love our little Lexi bug!



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Have a WONDERFUL weekend! <3

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