Giving Up a Bit of Social Media

Hi everyone!

It is the final day of July, 2014.


How did that happen?

Giving Up a Bit of Social Media

As I was contemplating the end of this month, I wanted to do something different for the final month of ‘true’ summer. To really live it out with a bang and have no regrets.

The idea had been forming for awhile, but I knew it was a great challenge for myself….

I’m not going to get on/check/look at Facebook one single time during August.

I am taking FB off my ‘frequently visited sites’ on my computer, and removing the app from my phone. I am not deleting my account (yet), but I want to remove the ease of accessing it.

It isn’t a really ‘hard’ decision at all, I don’t particularly like FB, and I’m so over reading everyone’s complaints for the day, the latest tragedy or horrible thing another person did to another, and seeing the same ‘great’ article or youtube clip circulating around.

{Not to lessen anyone else’s hardships, but seeing those things always brought me down & made me feel more sadness, not hope. I’d rather read my scriptures, pray, or talk to a good friend than read about tragedies I can do nothing about. It might not affect people the way it does me, but I really internalize stuff and it can be detrimental to my emotional health. I want to channel my time to more uplifting ways.}

Here’s the thing: I don’t get on FB the first of the day for personal use, I’d been getting on to share my blog posts & check out other people’s content. But then 5 minutes scrolling became 10 and so on. And then I felt like I had to catch up on FB to see what everyone else was doing 5 hours later.

So, as much as I did like FB for finding out fun events (friends’ weddings, baby arrivals, upcoming birthdays, etc.), ‘chatting’ with friends, and driving traffic to my blog, this month I’m going without it.


1.) I want to live more intentionally with my baby, and enjoy the final days of summer to the max. It is time to let go of this huge time waster (for me).

giving up a bit of social media

2.) I want to use my time more wisely, and turn to the One who can give me true peace. I’ve recognized that I’ve spent more time on FB lately than I have in prayer or spiritual pondering. That is NOT good (for me).

3.) I want to be on my phone less. With one fewer app to ‘check,’ I can devote more of my time to my darling little one, projects, improving myself in areas that I am passionate in, increasing my spiritual relationship with Deity, and well, leisure time that I enjoy (reading, napping, eating, etc.)

4.) I want to be quicker to help someone else because I will have more ‘free’ time on my hands. Getting off FB will inevitably free up some time, and I am determined to fill it in good ways.

And who knows if I will ever go back to FB or even miss it, only time will tell!

{For the record, I love IG and hardly ever get on Twitter or Pinterest anymore, so I will still be on social media–mostly on Instagram–if you can’t live without me on a social media platform. haha. Also, just as a reminder, if you primarily come here from FB, make sure you subscribe –button to the right–so you don’t miss a thing!}

“Decisions Determine Destiny.” -Thomas Monson

I want my destiny to be brighter than the dull hours spent behind a screen staring at other people’s lives. Enough is enough, and it’s time for me to let go of something I don’t need in my life right now.

Just as a heads up: as a result, I might be writing fewer blog posts during August too. Who knows?!

I am excited for August!!

giving up a bit of social media

{selfie with Lily’s doll since she was asleep}


Thankful Thursday

  1. I am thankful for spiritual promptings that guide me to make better choices for my future.
  2. I am grateful for the sunshine that should be coming today–I’ve missed it these past few days!
  3. I am very thankful for uninterrupted sleep. Ahhhhh. Now that feels good!


Have an AWESOME end to July, 2014! <3

What are YOUR thoughts on FB??! Has anyone else ever done a month or something without FB or other social media platform??! Any bets on how long this will last and/or if I will cave??! What are YOU thankful for today??! 

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