A Grateful Heart

As we Americans celebrate Thanksgiving tomorrow, I want to take a minute or so & reflect on a few things that make me feel utterly grateful.

The love my Heavenly Father & His Son have for me.

It makes me feel very humbled to know that the Father of my spirit loves & cares about me. And that the Creator of the universe cares about me & wants me to feel peace & joy. I love having a personal relationship with Them.

I know I’m far from perfect, but as Neil Marriott stated recently, “If we earnestly appeal to God, He takes us as we are—and makes us more than we ever imagined.” I believe this and am grateful for these truths.

My relationship with my husband. <3

After my relationship with Deity, Jared is my most favorite! I love that guy a whole bunch, and am so so thankful for him and for our relationship. He is my biggest confidante and my best friend; I love when I get to spend time with him!

a grateful heart

Our darling daughters.

Lily and Lexi have brought me more joy than I ever thought possible. They are gifts from heaven and they bring such a special spirit into our home. Bearing & rearing children is not easy, but I know from an eternal perspective, it’s the best thing I could be doing right now.


And come on, how darling are they?! :)

My job as a fitness instructor & coach.

I was born to teach, coach, instruct, and lead in the fitness realm. I don’t mean that to sound haughty at all; on the contrary. I’m simply grateful I’ve found my passion & found what makes my soul ignite. It’s all the better that this passion is a way to serve others & better their lives too!


Our warm home, beds, & food that we have.

It might sound silly to be thankful for such things, but a day doesn’t go by that I’m not praying in thanksgiving for our home, beds, & such. We feel so fortunate & blessed.


Our loving families.

Both of our families-parents, siblings, in-law siblings, nieces/nephews are really fabulous people. We get to spend both holidays with these wonderful people whom we love!


My trials.

This may sound kind of weird that I’m grateful for my tough times, but as I’ve gotten older (and a little bit wiser), I’ve recognized that it is because of my trials that I’ve become stronger and that they have shaped me to become who I am. It’s also in the fire of affliction that I’ve come to know God the best.


I love, love to read, and I’m so thankful for good books. They bring my life a lot of joy.

a grateful heart

Great friends.

Something else I’ve realized over the years is that I love to surround myself with joyful, passionate, kind, & positive people. I don’t need negative people in my life. It’s not how many friends you have but the quality of the friends that makes a life so much richer. I’m thankful for great friends including some fabulous sisters of mine. <3



I.love.sleep. I’m thankful for it when I can get it!

A strong body.

I used to hate my body and have negative things to say about it all the time……that was such a waste of energy & time! Today I’m so thankful for my strong body–including all its imperfections. And I appreciate that I have a strong body that can be put through tough workouts and get fitter during this postpartum time!



My life is not extraordinary; it’s actually quite simple, but it’s in the simple things that I’ve found the most joy. Faith, family, fitness, love. Those things matter most, and I feel that so so deeply in my soul.

<3 <3 <3

Have a very happy Thanksgiving!

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