A Sick Weekend

Hey friends! Happy March. :)

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A Sick Weekend

Wow, that weekend was just…..sick.


Like I’ve been sick since Thursday morning and then Jared who had suffered from a sore throat for about a week succumbed to his sickness on Saturday, and on Sunday Lily had a sniffly nose and took two long naps (she took two naps on Saturday too which is basically unheard of).

Let’s just say other than a few walks, 1 short trip to a store to get discounted bows (<–gotta do what you gotta do!), and a few moments out on our balcony, we were at home suffering together.

It was kind of ridiculous, miserable, and a tiny bit fun to be holed up together for 3 days. ;) Fun only because we were in it together and because my husband makes everything better. Always.

I took a few photos, so here they are below, but I just wanted to say this: when you are sick, allow yourself to slow down. My sickness on Thursday basically laid me flat. I couldn’t even sit up in bed it hurt too much. (Lily & cried together often that day because she wanted something I just couldn’t give to her because I could barely move. Being pregnant, sick, and with a toddler is one of the worst combos ever in case you’re curious.) By Friday my fever had broken and I could stand for a few minutes, on Saturday I did a few house chores, and on Sunday I finally had a bit of an appetite, but in all reality, my body was telling me to STOP and be still.

I slept a ton (one night I slept for 11 hours straight!!), I read an entire 500+ page book in 3 days (All The Light We Cannot See <—-and ahhhhhhmazing book), chilled with Jared, watched a few movies (Lily watched her fair share of things on the TV) and cuddled with & read so many books to Lily.

A huge thank you to Jared for doing SO much for me (& Lily), to my friend Rachelle for taking Lily for a few hours, and to my sisters & mom for constantly calling me to check on me.

By the way, I hope none of you get this type of plague that I got, but if you do, remember that stuff can wait, your body needs rest & time to heal. It was a very humbling experience for me because I do not often get sick…..but apparently when I do, it’s legit.

It’s a hard lesson to learn, especially when you have to find subs for your classes, can’t lift your daughter all the way up to your hip, want to take your daughter out into the snowflakes for hours (it only lasted a few minutes), and have heaps of laundry waiting for you to fold & put away, but it is a lesson I apparently need to learn again & again.

So cheers to a healthier week ahead! <3


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Have a GREAT day & stay well! <3

How was YOUR weekend??! <—hopefully better than ours! What is the hardest part about being sick for YOU??! When was the last time YOU were sick??

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