CXWORX™ Release 17 Review

Happy Friday, everyone!

I usually do Friday favorites, and well today, I decided to just focus on one favorite–CXWORX™. I looooove this program (for those of you who don’t know what it is, basically it’s Les Mills’ 30-minute total core conditioning class and it gets you results, right where it counts. The core!).

I know that many fitness gurus don’t spend enough time on their core (muscles of the upper/lower back, glutes, hip stabilizers, abdominals, and obliques), so CXWORX™ is perfect–it’s only 30 minutes and hits all of those areas.

Having a strong core is essential to being a stronger athlete, and that is something I’ve learned over & over again in the just-over 2 years I’ve been teaching the program. CX has changed my core for the better, and I love it. I’m absolutely stronger because of teaching CXWORX™ regularly.


{from the Les Mills’ CXWORX™ official site}

I’ve taught the latest CX release for a few weeks now, and I wanted to share my thoughts!

Every quarter (or every 3 months) we CXWORX™ instructors get new music, choreography, and education from Les Mills International (the global fitness company) to learn and present to our classes. It keeps things fresh, and oh, how this program continues to evolve in such a great way. I love it.

CXWORX™ Release 17 Review

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Track 1- Warmup. Song: “Come Get it Bae” At first I wasn’t a fan of the song, but it grew on me, and now I like the catchy tune. This warmup is a simple one, which I appreciate, while also adding some intensity shifts (such as hovering the legs above the floor instead of tapping down, stepping the legs out & in during bridge, etc.) to increase warmth in the core. I’m a fan because this warmup is short, to the point, and gets the job done.

Track 2- Core Strength 1. Song: “Rockin’ N Rollin’ ” A fantastically tough & fun 2nd track. Dead bug roll to hover combo is the main feature of the track (and yeah, my peeps love that I call out “dead bug”-they get a kick out of it, haha), and boy does it get tough when the track continues! I abso;utely love the intensities offered during the track-hover on toes, legs lower in extensions, quicker to roll to hover, and it makes for a very challenging several minutes! options: kneeling hover// lowering feet to floor during leg extension crunch// no plate


{the tube above & some plates + a mat are equipment needed for CX; I teach a BP class right before though, hence the extra equipment}

Track 3- Standing Strength 1. Song: “Never Seen Runaway (Lost Soul & Genjo Mix)”  This standing, functional core track is epic. The song isn’t necessarily my favorite, but it does work perfect with the kind of toughness you need during the Arnie Press & the Parallel Woodchop (both new to CX moves). These exercises are totally challenging, no matter what plate size or tube option you choose, and you can see it in the participants’s faces. I like that this track gets the HR up, and works the core hard via harnessing the power of the legs and transferring it to the arms. options: smaller plate // using a lower resistance tube

Track 4- Standing Strength 2. Song: “WorkDefinitely my favorite song/track of the release! I love me some R&B and glute work, so this is perfect; which is not really a surprise for anyone who knows me. ;) We use the tube in this track the entire time–both feet in the tube with the handles crossed & held at the hips. Basically we do a bunch of leg extensions, leg lifts, walks, squats, walking squats (with a tense tube–ouch!) and isolated work to put the focus in the glutes & hip stabilizers. And the song? Oh the song–“gotta work!”  Option: no tube

Track 5- Core Strength 2. Song: “Satisfy Probably my least favorite track of the release, and my least favorite 5th track ever. It just does.not. do it for me! The song isn’t even close to great (IMO), and the track, no matter how many harder options I show, still does not feel really hard to me. I need some side hovers! Of course it is still a good workout, but I will be glad to put this one away for awhile. Option: bent knees in the knee drop // 1 leg for oblique leg extensions

track 6- Core Strength 3. Song: “F For You A mellow song, so it’s not necessarily a song I’m excited about, but it works for the track. There is a lot going on in this track, so you do have to be a bit laid-back so it doesn’t feel rushed. We begin with tube work doing reverse flys (ouch!), then we go to resisted running mans (hello balance! core strength/braced abs is a must here), and finally end with some L-Rows. This track nails the upper back (and abs because they have to stay braced), which is exactly why it’s such a good workout–the upper back & our posture is totally a part of our cores, which many don’t realize. The stronger your abs & core, the better your posture & your back strength, and vice versa. Option: lower resistance tube // smaller plates

note: there are also 3 extra tracks to switch it up for class (along with the other releases I have), but I have only done one of those so far, so will not review them.


I hope you can find a CXWORX class near you & go! It will change your core & abs forever–and that is a very good thing, I promise.

Have a WONDERFUL weekend!! :)

If YOU have tried CXWORX 17, what are YOUR thoughts on the release??! What is YOUR favorite core workout lately?? What are YOUR weekend plans, anything fun?? 

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