Family Picture Choices, Baby Clothes, & a Birthday!

Family Picture Choices, Baby Clothes, & a Birthday!

Longest blog post title ever?!

Oh heyyyy everyone! I’m sore beyond sore (post to come tomorrow about my experience!), feeling blessed, and totally ready to take on this last week of baby Lily being….baby Lily.

One week from today she will be a 1 year old (wahhhhhh!), so technically she’ll be a “toddler.” But yah, she’s still my baby. Always & forever!

Family Picture Choices

(we got our pictures back–a huge thanks to Jared’s sister for taking them! A few of them are just too cute/hilarious not to share –Lily’s facial expressions!!!, and you all wanted to see a bunch, so I guess tell me which ones are your faves/which ones made you laugh!)

1.   IMG_5396.JPG 2. IMG_5395.JPG 3. IMG_5394.JPG 4. IMG_5448.JPG 5. IMG_5444.JPG 6. IMG_5435.JPG 7. IMG_5432.JPG 8. IMG_5431.JPG 9. IMG_5415.JPG  10. IMG_5460.JPG 11. IMG_5455.JPG  12. IMG_5472.JPG 13. IMG_5468.JPG 14.  IMG_5501.JPG 15. IMG_5499.JPG 16. IMG_5483.JPG 17.  IMG_5539.JPG 18. IMG_5528.JPG 19. IMG_5527.JPG 20. IMG_5526.JPG 21. IMG_5524.JPG 22. IMG_5518.JPG 23. IMG_5521.JPG

I told ya there were going to be a few crazies. hahaha! How hilarious is she?! Love her!!

Baby Clothes

A little while back I mentioned that I needed to buy Lily clothes for the fall/winter, since she was donezo with the 9-month stuff (she has a few pieces left that she can squeeze into), and I promised to update you on where I found the best prices/items etc.

I shopped at several different places, then went to the outlet mall in Park City, and then returned stuff that was either too expensive or I realized she didn’t need/I didn’t want.

I went to Kid 2 Kid (a consignment store in Utah), Carter’s, TJ Maxx, Old Navy and then the outlet Carter’s.

Carter’s has cute stuff, but I feel like a lot of it is way too $$$ for what you get (not to mention, then everyone else has the same outfit too). Kid 2 Kid is awesome for $$, but selection depends on what people have sold to the store recently. I found her costume there, a cute vest, cardigan, and a skirt. TJ Maxx was majorly disappointing! I do not recommend both for quality (the baby clothes were somewhat crappy!), and the price wasn’t much different from Carter’s stuff. Old Navy had a few cute things, but they too disappointed in the price (for what you get), unless there was a huge sale. The outlet Carter’s had items more on sale then the ‘normal’ Carter’s, but a lot of it was the same.

Whew! Hope that helps.

Basically baby/kid’s clothes, are way more expensive than they need to be. ‘Nuff said.


My Niece

My sister-in-law (my brother’s wife) had her baby a week ago, and many of you requested a pic.

Here ya go!


Adorable! Her name is Eliza. <3


Happy Birthday today to my little sis, Caroline!!! I love you, dude, and am so grateful we’re best friends.

p.s. Ya’all, she is anxiously awaiting the birth of her baby girl (any day now!!), so please sprinkle her with labor dust & leave her happy birthing thoughts. :)

And boy do we both know how much it sucks to wait for your baby…. (she was induced at 42 weeks with her first, and Lily was born 15 days late…. Don’t wish our late genes upon yourselves, mmmkay?!)

Happy Birthday Caroline!! I hope your wish comes true, and you go into labor tonight! <3


I’m off to teach BODYPUMP & CXWORX.

Have a WONDERFUL day! <3

What is one gene YOU wish you had or didn’t have??! Which family picture should we choose??! Where do YOU buy baby clothes most often??!

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