Mother’s Day Gift Guide

Happy MAY!!

That means it’s almost Mother’s Day….that day where my husband is going to let me sleep in, cook for me, and do all the dishes. ;) Right, babe?

In all reality, it’s a special day to celebrate MOTHERS of every kind. Motherhood (of all kinds) is a special calling, and it definitely needs to be celebrated. Since becoming a mother myself a year and a half ago, I can’t even tell you how true this is. I’m more grateful for my own mother than I’ve ever been, and I’m sure we all can agree that mothers must be celebrated in a special way!

So, how to celebrate?!

Well, I’m always one for giving & receiving sentimental & useful gifts. I will be receiving a house for this year’s mother’s day gift (and anniversary gift, and birthday present…. ;) ), but I still wanted to compile a a few gifts that I’ve been eyeing and/or loving for those of you who are looking for some ideas! <3

*For Two Fitness® is sponsoring a portion of this guide and will compensate me for my time. I am a For Two Fitness® Ambassador & adore their super comfy & cute clothes for mamas-to-be! Thank you for your continued support.*

Mother’s Day Gift Guide

For Mamas-to-Be

1. A For Two Fitness® top and capris!


I’m on my 2nd pregnancy now, and I’ve worn my Training For Two® tank and Dedication Maternity Studio Capris since I was pregnant with Lily. The top & capris are super soft, durable, and move well in my workouts, and I couldn’t be happier with the outfit.

The For Two Fitness® apparel obviously lasts a long time because I’m on my 2nd round with the top & capris without any sign of wear.

Mother's Day Gift Guide // For Two Fitness®

They have the cutest stuff too, with different phrases on various tanks (i.e. “spinning for two” “running for two,” etc.).

For Two Fitness® also has long sleeves, tanks, short-sleeves, and even tops for mamas of multiples. There are so many options to choose from!

 Oh, and guess what? Now through Mother’s Day you can get 25% off your order PLUS free shipping with the code MOMSDAY25 

2. A pre-natal massage

I received a massage as a gift when I was pregnant with Lily, and it was so so wonderful!


For New Mamas

1. A homemade gift card gifting her a date night out with her man!

It’d be a lovely gift to give to a new mom, to babysit the new baby (if you’re trusting/close/friend), so she and dad can have a few hours out. My sister did this for us right after Lily was born and it was magical!

mother's day gift guide

2. A homemade gift card offering to clean her home.

I would redeem that card in a second!! ;)

3. A homemade gift card from the husband to the wife for a foot massage.

Hint, hint.

To be honest though, whenever Jared rubs my feet, I fall in love with him even more. It just feels so good! After we had Lily he rubbed my feet a lot to help me relax as I took on this new responsibility. Small things like that can mean SO much to a new mom!


For Any Woman

1. A gift card to a spa.

Facials, pedicures, manicures, oh my! I personally think every woman wants to feel pampered, no matter her age or status. I think this gift is wonderful!

2. Flowers, chocolate, ice cream.

Sorry, but even though it might be cliche, I enjoy receiving flowers, (good quality) chocolate, or ice cream! I think most of us might be similar….. right?


She’s just like me…..dives first for the chocolate! ;)

3. A Fabletics gift card.

Who doesn’t want more (cute, affordable) fitness apparel?!

mother's day gift guide // fabletics


And how cute is that outfit??

4. A sentimental photo gift.

I love, love photos! I love photo books, photo cups, collages, calendars, etc. And I know my mom is the same–she totally prefers a thoughtful gift like a family calendar full of photos of us rather than another serving bowl.


I hope you got some ideas for the mothers in your life (or you directed your husband to this gift guide as a major HINT….. ;) )

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Have a GREAT weekend! <3

What For Two Fitness® top would YOU want (i.e. spinning for two, dancing for two, etc.)?? What do YOU usually get the mother in YOUR life on Mother’s Day?? Mamas, be honest, what are YOU hoping for, for a Mother’s Day gift?? 

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