Friday Favorites {7/31/15}

Happy Friday & happy last day of July! How nuts is that? That means that tomorrow I can say I am “due this month.” Totally crazy & exciting!

Time to play favorites on this lovely Friday! I share what I’m loving here & in the comments you share what you’re loving. I love this part of the week. :)

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Friday Favorites {7/31/15}

Watching movies with Jared on the couch.

We’ve been loving the VidAngel service for our movies so much! We both love to chill on the couch together (and procrastinate a few house things we should be doing…..) and lately we’ve really liked watching TV shows & movies.

VidAngel, as I mentioned a few weeks ago, is a service where you can basically rent a movie for $1.50 from the comfort of your home (yay for not having to drive anywhere!) and choose what filters you’d like for the movie so you don’t have to listen to or watch anything you don’t want to listen to or watch. We’ve been loving it!

Trying out Plant Fusion plant protein powder.

The folks at Plant Fusion contacted me to see if I’d like to try their organic plant protein powder. I’m more familiar with whey protein powders, but I’ve been wanting to try some plant protein and see how I like it.


I received the chocolate, vanilla, & cookies’n’cream flavors, and I was excited about them!

plant fusion

Of them all I liked the cookies’n’cream flavor the most! I was surprised by that, but it had a nice chocolatey flavor that wasn’t overpowering.

The one thing I noticed is that it does taste a bit chalkier than whey protein powder, and you need less of it per liquid ounce.

plant fusion

Otherwise it was a great powder to try. And how awesome that it is plant based & vegan-friendly? Thanks, Plant Fusion!

Cleaning everything like whoah.

I mentioned this in my pregnancy update yesterday, but it’s taken over my life lately! I am kind of enjoying being a clean freak, but to other people, like Jared, I’m sure it’s annoying. 😉 I like freak out if there is too much laundry in the hampers, dishes in the sink, or toys on the floor after she’s in bed. #psychostatus

Oh well. At least our home looks nice until our life gets turned upside down (in a good way) soon! 😉

Reading at the pool and hiking in the mountains!

We spent the day at my sister’s a few days ago and it was so lovely to go on a hike with a bunch of my family. Lily adores her cousins/aunts/uncles/grandparents in both of our families, so we love spending as much time with them as possible.

IMG_4170 friday favorites

friday favoritesfriday favorites

friday favorites

After hiking for awhile, we came home & Lily napped while mama got her tan & read on at the pool. 😉

friday favorites

Nothing better than a hot summer’s day lounging in and out of the pool with a popsicle & a book.

Trying out Detour’s latest protein bar.

If you couldn’t tell yet, we are on the go often–running errands, hitting up the gym, pool time, family visits, etc. and this week Detour’s latest protein bar came in handy several times.

detour protein bar

It is coconut almond and it is so good!

Having a pool date with a good friend!

For an entire year Lily and I hung out with her friend Elina 1 day a week while her mom worked. We loved that babysitting time! With summer being quite busy, we said good-bye to that structured time, but it hasn’t deterred us from getting together with our girls.

friday favorites

Lily & Elina are the cutest buddies and it was fun to swim with them!


Alright, I’m off! Have a WONDERFUL weekend!!

What are your weekend plans??! What is making you happy this week?!

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